About photos

Think about any pictures you may post.
Sure, nude photo’s are generally OK, although we have no requirement that anyone post a nude photo. We would prefer at least a profile photo ( your avatar ) with your face, because it’s always nice to put a face with the person, comments, forum posts, the other side of a chat conversation, any conversation for that matter.
It would be ridiculous to have a nudist web site without nudist photos, just as it would be ridiculous to have a car web site without pictures of cars, but a naked woman sprawled across the hood is not a car photo, and oral sex is not a nudist photo.
Yes, nudists do have fun with photos sometimes. Usually, illustrating the ridiculousness of clothing, BUT this web site *is* viewable by the general public, and we wish to present a proper, wholesome, non-sexual view of nudism as suits the whole family, just as one would expect to find at any real-life nudist resort.

Even a cursory perusal of internet “blog” and photo sites reveals that while some new and quite good nudist photos are appearing, it’s also true that there are far too many sites, and individuals, promoting nudism as pornography, and pornography as nudism, or as an excuse to exploit pictures of naked people.

We believe it’s far too important to our lifestyle to not confuse the two, and to be quite clear as far as non-nudists who may view this site that nudism is not merely pictures of naked bodies. Nudism is not pornographic, and pornography certainly is not nudism, nor any representation of nudism in any respect what so ever.
We’re not saying those pictures are necessarily bad, but the choice to post them here, would be.

As such, please avoid any bedroom photos, lingerie photos, or bathroom/restroom photos.

Jewelry. Genital, no. If it can be removed, remove it.

Headless torso shots, no. Bad taste at best. If you really, really need to hide your face, at least be creative about it.

WithCam Mirror

( and be prepared to explain why )

Most anything else is probably fine.

Any photo with pants partially worn, no. Nudists don’t pull down their pants. Nudists remove them completely. Topless is fine. “Flashing your tits” is not.

If it’s all sounding like we discriminate, we do !!
We want nudist members and participants, and those sincerely interested in innocent nudism.
We do NOT want merely to build huge membership numbers of people who like to look at, or exhibit, naked pictures.
We want real, genuine nudists, in a place where we can be assured that the other members are also real, genuine nudists, or at a minimum on their way to becoming what we are.
We want to know that if an advertiser wishes to promote a nudist event, or a nudist cruise, a time share in a nudist resort, or anything of the sort, that they are advertising to nudists, not John Q. Public at large.