Sex – our view.

Nudists are some of the most welcoming, accepting, tolerant, friendly, non-judgmental people on the planet.
We like to keep it that way.
We are mostly conservative, middle aged, fairly open minded, honest people. Mostly.
We simply feel better without clothing when possible.

We are a NUDIST web site. Not a sex site.
In fact, there is no sex in nudism at all ! That’s right, none !
There are people in nudism, just like there are people in a grocery store.
There is no more sex in nudism, than in a grocery store.
That’s why both sexes can comfortably enjoy nudism.
This is something that is greatly misunderstood by non-nudists, and deliberately misrepresented by Imams, Popes, politicians, preachers, and especially purveyors of sex-oriented materials.
This web site is intended as a social web site for interaction by, for, and with nudists.
If you got here because you are looking for a real, true, actual, nudist social networking web site, then you are in the right place !

This is not a dating web site !
That doesn’t mean that single nudists don’t date.
Nor does it mean that single nudists wouldn’t be open to dating.
It does mean that just because you meet someone here, does not mean they are necessarily open to dating.
No means no.
Having said that, it’s also not against our rules to date someone that finds you interesting.
Most nudists, like anybody, are probably not interested in advances from anyone more than driving distance away.

This is not a swingers site.
Just as single nudists might date, and swingers might swing, that’s not the primary purpose of this site, just as it’s not the purpose of any nudist resort, campground, swim meet, or house party.
Worse, it would send a VERY wrong message to the non-nudist, and new nudist alike.

We do not monitor private messages between members, but we take complaints very, very seriously.