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Thinking it’s time to bring this one back to the front, slightly updated.

Looking good nude, because none of us tries to look bad !


Now, smile for the camera!

This site has some restrictions on photographs.
They are understandable. No children, no matter how innocent. ( Law )

No “crotch” or other shots where genitalia is the primary focus.
It’s not a sex site.

Folks, we’re NUDISTS ! That means that we know what an unclothed person looks like. Close ups of body parts are at best uninteresting, and at worst offensive. They are offensive because they create absolutely the wrong impression of what nudism/naturism is.

Profile photo can be nude, or clothed.
For those of us concerned with reputations, who may stumble on our photo and such, clothed is perfectly acceptable.
Whether clothed, or nude, we strive to present the best we can.

This photo is your introduction to the world, so make it good.
Your drivers license photo stays with you for a few years, but anything you post on internet is there forever !

Whether nude or clothed, nothing looks better than CONFIDENCE !
It shows in your face, posture, pose, nearly everything about you.
Be proud of who you are.

If you’re not so proud of certain appearance factors, then there are a few things you can do about that.
One, use photos that don’t show those parts.
Maybe you’re over weight, and none too happy about it. Fine. Use a head shot, showing your dazzling smile.
Maybe you have an “unsightly” scar. Fine. Turn that part away from the camera.
Two, and better, is know that one of the primary things about nudism, and real nudists, is body acceptance. We are what we are.We all know that there is no “perfect” body, and we know that every body is as perfect as you believe it is ! Every scar, every grey heir, was EARNED, and are a part of who we are.
If you choose to post staged or posed nude photos of yourself, these same tips apply.
Three, props !
Shoes, gloves, a hat, a tennis racket, glass of wine, a magazine, even your towel !
Jewelery, such as necklaces, and earings.
These things tend to draw attention to themselves.

Be confident in who and what you are !

Stand straight, don’t slouch.
Straighten your spine, throw your shoulders back, take a deep breath, and relax without letting your shoulders slump. Having good posture will make your shoulders look broader if you’re a guy, and it will make your chest look perkier if you’re a woman. Plus, when you elongate your torso, you stretch out any fat in your midsection that you may wish to down-play. Standing on your toes will tend to flatten the midsection as well.

SMILE ! Look like you are enjoying yourself. You are, aren’t you ?

Some, for good and valid reasons would prefer to not show their face in a nude photograph on internet, watermarked or not, and we understand this. There are several way to tastefully hide your face, without looking like you are trying to hide !

Turn your face away from the camera, as if looking at something else, or drape your hair across your face, or wear a large brimmed hat, and look slightly down. Put your face in shadow, or use a prop ! Look again at Diane at the top of this article. Perhaps, offer a glass of wine, that “accidentally” blocks your face ?

Please, don’t “crop” a headless shot, or use a censor strip. These things, while effective, tend to make a photo look like cheap porn.

If you’re not happy with the color of your smile, look into teeth whitening options. ( though it’s far less likely anyone other than you will notice, unless your teeth are really, really bad ) Most importantly of all, smile because it signals that you’re happy with your body, and will make you (and anyone else who’s present) feel comfortable with your nakedness. Plus it shows confidence! Even the toothless, closed lip, coy smile is good.

Aim to stand on the diagonal, with a twist at the waist to the front instead of facing your viewer straight on- this will naturally cinch you in. Drop your shoulders down and subtly arch your back, this will flatten your belly and make your boobs appear perkier. ( obviously, if you are a woman )

Whether standing, walking or sitting down aim to keep one leg in front of the other, this slims the body. A quick trick when sitting is that if you want to elongate your legs, you should point your toes. Eye contact is crucial, it makes all the difference between being just a naked body, or somebody naked, so use it wisely. High heels, or toe pointing on ballet slippers will also have a sliming and elongating affect.

Eat light, or not at all for the photographs !

No one is going to look good naked with a stomach stuffed full of pasta, or steak, or whatever.

Update your hair. Your hair is the only fashion statement you’ll be wearing so it needs to look current, soft, healthy and touchable (give the hairspray and sticky gel a miss, unless you really, really need it). Do comb your hair. Shave if you’re a guy. Sometimes a 5 O’clock shadow can be sexy and alluring, but not always, and not on everyone. The watchword here is “groomed.” Your hair should look natural, but not unkempt. ( all of whatever hair you may have )

Don’t forget your extremities. Jagged nails, white knuckles, dirty finger nails, just aren’t flattering. Clip your nails to an appropriate length, wash your hands and feet, and apply some lotion if they’re dry. Additionally, you can get a professional manicure and pedicure or learn to do it yourself, if that’s the look you’re going for. Keep your hands relaxed and free, or place one on your hip to emphasize your curves, or fold your arms across your chest or belly to deemphasize those areas if you feel the need. A judicious photo angle of someone reading a magazine can also work very well.

Apply a bit of makeup. Magazine models do it. Actors, both film and stage, use it. There’s nothing wrong with presenting the best look you can in an on-line photograph. (Men can wear makeup too.) Just a little bit of subtle makeup can work wonders to accentuate your good points and camouflage the points you’re less than happy with.

Let your eyes sparkle! When your smile reaches your eyes, you want them to sparkle, not show the effects of too many nights burning the candle at both ends. Get plenty of beauty sleep before taking it all off, or as a last resort for a special occasion, use eye drops to give your eyes a special glint.

Smell good. It’s part of that confidence thing. The better you feel about yourself, the better your photo will look.

Adjust the lighting. Remember that no one looks their best under bright fluorescent light – soft lighting or candle light will improve the mood of the moment AND your body. It’ll also make your pupils dilate, which creates a subconscious impression that you’re more attractive!

Back lighting is great for smoothing out lumps and bumps so position yourself in front of the strongest light, or in front of a window if you are getting naked before nightfall. But don’t forget, those outside will also be able to see in!

Feel good naked. In the end, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your own skin, and that you realize that your body isn’t perfect–no one’s is. If you’ve taken the steps above and you still dread seeing (or letting someone else see) what you look like naked, dig a little deeper. Build your confidence from the inside out.

Get the room temperature right. Although the cold will make your breasts stand to attention, shivering with hunched shoulders isn’t a sexy look. A glow is good, but sweating profusely is not.

Accessorize. Accentuate your nakedness with a prop or accessory. A necklace, scarf, or feather boa are great, but don’t be afraid to go with something a little more unusual. This will give you something to work with if you are a little nervous, and also, tantalizingly, emphasizes your au natural state.

Hats and shoes, as well as a waist chain on a woman, or pensively holding reading glasses to your lip for either a man or a woman, some of these things can make a subtle but significant difference.

Get confident and get naked. No one else has a body like yours- so show it off in all its glory.

Remember, this is not a sex exhibitionist site !
Note that some props, such as “sex toys” of almost any kind, are likely to be rejected.
If you’re holding the camera between your knees and claiming a face shot, it’s almost a certainty the admins will reject your photo.
Those things may be fine on other web sites, but not this one.

Yes, if you’re nude, probably your genitals will show, and that’s FINE as long as it’s incidental to the photograph, and not the focus.

Google images for Marguerite Empey, safe search off. ( married name Diane Webber, but apparently there is now a porn actress using her name, and that’s not what we want )

Almost all of what you’ll find would be acceptable images for this web site.

The same would be true of?Linda Shockley.? ( the first few rows that are actually Linda anyway ) considered by some to be THE very best example of nudism from the 60’s. ( that’s Linda on the magazine cover at the top of this article )

Notice the settings, poise, smile, makeup…. Yes, she ( and others ) are clearly nude, but it’s almost incidental.
She’s showing a good looking person who happens to be nude, not a naked body that may, or may not, have a personality.

Likewise, if you’re male, and unless you have a medical implant, ( a note to the admins might be required in such case ) an erect penis is almost 100% sure to be rejected as unacceptable in a nudist environment. There is no good excuse, except a medical reason, and then you’d probably be better to down-play it as much as possible.

Nude does not equal lewd. Genitalia may show, but it’s not at all necessary.

Hopefully, this will get you thinking.

In today’s high-tech world of digital cameras we can take many, many photos, then choose and post only the best.

Choose Wisely.


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