World Record Skinny Dipping — CORRECTION

I’ve been corrected !
This year’s event is NOT a Guinness book run.
( which does not make it any less fun, or deserving of participation )

In cooperation with AANR and TNS, the World Record Skinny Dip is happening the weekend of July 13/14 2013

Near me, participating are Green Valley resort, and White Thorn Lodge.
There will be other things going on that day/weekend as well.

At one time, at least one of these resorts offered free admission on world record day.
So far, my phone calls have not gotten anything definite on that.
I’ll let you know, when I know.

Do contact your closest resort and ask.
If you’ve never had or taken the opportunity to enjoy social nudism, this would be the ideal weekend to try it out.
Maybe, I’ll see you there ?


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