One of the things that’s bothered me for some time now, is how to flat out blacklist certain segments of world society that simply seek to create havoc. Now, personally I think blacklisting is a bad idea. If you have a dynamic IP from your ISP ( most do ) and coincidentally some spammer had that IP before you did, AND that spammer spammed us, you could see a page saying you’re not allowed, and not much else. Nothing you do will get past it. If that should happen to you, you can still e-mail me, so that I can, and will, take you off the blacklist.

I’ve been working on this for some time now, and the server has taken a few hits as a result. Performance has suffered. Responses have been slow, and we’ve even appeared to be off-line when such was not the case.


I figured it out. Now, a spammer attempting to post in our forums is blacklisted, and he can’t access the site AT ALL ! Can’t even see the home/welcome page. Can’t see public stuff, nothing. Personally, I think spamming should be punishable by death for the first offense, but very few see that my way.

As it turns out, if one has complete and unrestricted access to the hosting server ( as I do ) there are ways to do this that not only don’t impact server performance in a negative way, but that actually improve performance for the rest of us.

Likely, I’ll be blacklisting confirmed profile fakes, picture collectors, and any other of the parasites that seek to disrupt, or pervert our little genuine nudist/naturist web site.

Those attempting to login with an invalid username are immediately blocked for an hour !
That does mean that if you get your username wrong, you’ll have to wait an hour.
This does NOT mean you’ll be immediately blocked for a wrong password. You get five tries at getting your password right. Then, you’re locked out until I manually unlock it. You’ll need to e-mail me to have it unlocked, unless I happen to notice on my own. ( don’t count on it, although I’ve also added a feature to e-mail me whenever anyone is blocked, and why. Probably, I’ll see it eventually, but “server alert” emails are not a high priority normally )

We do have throttling now. That means that accessing pages faster than one per second, and you’ll get blocked for 5 minutes. If anyone thinks this is unreasonable, let me know. The purpose is to stop harvesters who try and download an entire website all at once, or picture collectors who try and grab every photo on a site all at once, are stopped in their tracks. It prevents them from using all of the server’s power, and slowing it to a crawl for anyone else.
It means that if you take the time to read and see what page you’re on, you’re probably safe, but if you’re an automated “bot” then you’re not safe at all.

I’m already seeing an improvement in performance, quickness.
So should you.


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