Site issues, the bad guys….

Unfortunately, ( or fortunately, depending on how you look at it ) our little corner of the web has been discovered by the bad guys, and the good guys too.

It’s caused a great deal of traffic of late. The machine is a real dedicated server machine, that does almost nothing else, but even so the crawlers create a tremendous amount of web traffic for us, overloading the machine, and everybody loses.

I’ve been working the last few days to try and mitigate the problem, but I’m just a nudist, not a web developer.? It’s all kinda caught me with my pants down, uh, well, off actually.? Embarassed

This isn’t to say it’s fixed. It’s to beg your tolerance. Know that I have been doing my best to resolve the issues as best I can. ( and will continue to do so )

Even though it appears we’re off-line, we’re not. It’s just that the server gets so overworked? ( mostly the bad guys ) it appears we’re off line. The result is the same. You get nothing, until I discover it and reset things. I’m contemplating a few other approaches. Worst case, come back later.

One up-side, is that the video chat is completely unaffected. Once you get signed into chat, it really doesn’t matter as far as our web server being overworked. The chat is on a different machine, with a MUCH higher capability. ( has to be, for the video part )


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