Server reconfiguration

Let me apologize to all our users, for the performance of the site of late.

There have been times it’s appeared dead. It wasn’t, but it was severely overloaded, largely by various crawlers from around the world.

When it didn’t appear dead, it was painfully, annoyingly, horribly slow.

WELL, a bit of studying, tweeking, and some larger scale reconfiguring, it now appears to me to be acceptable. That doesn’t mean perfect. It’ll still have some of those annoying minutes, but the overall performance for all of us should be noticeably improved on average.

Attempting to stress test it, on a much, much faster link than anyone else has ( to overload the server as much as possible ) I was in the worst case able to load the dual processor machine to 300% of what it should do, with no swapping at all. That’s BIG !

Lately, disk swapping “thrashing” as some would say, has pushed the loads to above 15000% of what the machine is capable. As one might imagine, everyone suffers, and for a very long period of time as the machine tries to keep up, and handle the trashing at the same time.

The changes mean that you may get kicked from time to time, and be able to get right back in immediately, or at least that’s the goal, and that the site will be working great for you more often than not.

I’ll be watching, so know that if things do go sideways, at least I’m on it.


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