Auto-update = auto-disaster !

It’s fairly well known in IT circles that I consider automatic updates to be one of the worst ideas to ever come out of Redmond. My recommendation is to always avoid them at any cost, with the single exception of virus scanning virus library updates. Not the virus scanner itself, mind you ! Just the virus database.

I’ve seen more systems brought to the point of useless, some trashed beyond repair, than I can count on all appendages completely naked !
Sometimes recovery is possible. Sometimes not. Usually, my experience tells me that a total hardware failure, or a crashed disk is an easier recovery than is an automatic update.

Unfortunately, around 8:20 this morning, somehow, an automatic update got pushed onto our server.
Fortunately, my policy is to never automatic update, but to always automatic backup !

As a result, it appears we only lost about 5 hours worth of whatever may have transpired on our website. It appears to be very little, if anything at all. Hopefully, the only thing really lost was a couple of hours of my time. However, should you find that something isn’t right between yesterday and today, do please let me know. I may not be able to fix it, but I might.



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