Travelites, Inc. has become Landed

I thought this was good enough to put as a Latest Buzz, since it’s about that time of year almost, and I know who sees this when they log in !


Travelites, Inc has changed its name to better reflect what we are. The new name is Travelites Nudist Retreat. We have all the amenities: pool, hot tub (w/27 jets), picnic area with resin table/benches, 3 chaises with 4″ pads, fire pit, guest house with heat and a/c, hammock, plenty of tenting/RV space, sun and shade, flower beds and benches around the property. One of the sun umbrellas is 100% SPF. We’re still in lower Richland County just 7 miles east of I-77. Email remains at
and website at

Our ground fees is $5 for nonmembers as well as $5 for all special events. Members are not charged when visiting at other times.


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