For Sale ! ( cheap )

So, this site is some 6 or 7 years old now, and it has a few good members.
Unfortunately, the history is such that those who were supposed to help me with it have all but vanished.
Further, developments in my life just don’t allow me the time to devote so much anymore.
As such, it seems that for the good of the site, it’s time ( probably past time ) for me to step out, and turn the site over to someone who might be interested in carrying forward.
Ideally, someone who also subscribes to the ideals on which this site was founded, which is primarily no porn !
The site was intended as a meeting place, a forum, for real nudists/naturists. Not voyuers, exhibitionists, swingers, etc. ( although I’ve never held that we don’t have these characteristics among ourselves to some minor extent ) The site has always been intended, and tried to maintain, the kind of atmosphere where one would not hesitate to bring your own mother, daughter, closest friends.
Would someone step up, I would be willing to assist certainly through a transition, and perhaps on a smaller on-going basis.
Takers ?


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