How do i get to the video chat?

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    Okay i have signed up (although i still cannot log in) how do i get to the video chat?

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    Hi there, William.

    Video chat is restricted to approved members.
    You register, as you’ve done.
    You get your welcome e-mail which contains your username ( the one you picked ) and your password.
    Then, you log in, and fill in your profile. Tell us a little about you !?
    You also upload an avatar photo.
    I’m told that we’re about to get much stricter about avatar photos. They are supposed to be a face photo of you, so that members can easily recognize who is who. Special exceptions can be made through a moderator ( such as myself ) or the site admin ( preferred ) if there is a valid reason you can’t post a face as your profile avatar.

    Once all of that is done ( really, only about 5 minutes out of your life ) your membership can be approved.
    <b>Then</b> you can get to the video chat rules page, and from there into the video chat.

    Lack of an avatar photo, or one that is obviously stolen from somewhere else, or otherwise doesn’t meet the photo guidelines, OR an empty profile, telling us nothing about you, are both reasons your account could be kicked into one of the pending categories, which do not have access to chat, nor posting privileges for the members forums, either. ( if I remember correctly )

    If you don’t get the welcome e-mail with your password, then e-mail admin directly because some providers ( notably yahoo ) have instituted silent so-called spam stuff that blocks a LOT of legit e-mail.
    Silent, because you never know.


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