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    For those who missed THE World skinny-dip challenge, Travelites is hosting Carolina Splash Part II & open house
    Y’all are welcome to visit Travelites’ home base in Hopkins, SC just 8 miles east of I-77 off of Garners Ferry Rd. Bring someone who “might” be interested from 11 – 1, clothing is required after which it will be clothing optional. We’ll have a potluck supper including grilled Angus burgers/ cheeseburgers and whatever attendees will bring to round out the meal. After 4pm, there will be a $5 grounds fee. We have overnight accommodations with a/c as well as plenty of tenting and RV space, Let me know so I can give you the exact address on Horrell Hill Rd. Call 803.695-1937 or email

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    All members and friends are welcome to visit any time. Just give us a shout. We are not somewhere between a nudist park and nonlanded with the improvements on my property.

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    If you’re passing through the wonderfully humid state of SC, contact us for a swim or float or some sun. The temps are about the same as humidity level 😉 — but the water does cool you down and feels downright exhilarating.

    Our next open house will be August 24th in Hopkins, SC on Horrell Hill Rd. Contact us for registration and exact address.

    For other information visit our facebook “page” and website at & facebook/pages/travelites.

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    The 2 news clips from THE skinny-dip:

    2013 07 13 Skinny Dipping 6PM on Fox & NBC affiliate

    2013 07 13 Skinny Dipping 10PM WACH FOX

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    I also downloaded the videos to a flash drive

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    Open House report, Labor Day Open House & Auction update(that donates to the American Nudist Research Library, Naturist Action committee, and AANR Education Foundation)

    Our Aug. 24th open house include sun, snacking on a variety of chips and other treats, swimming, and soaking the hot tub plus grilled Angus burgers and brownies with cherry bordeaux ice cream. The water volleyball was a laughing good time. Auction update is below.

    Travelites members and friends are welcome to visit over Labor Day weekend, one or three days, to enjoy the camaraderie, sun, practice your volleyball skills or just veg out . There will be no grounds fees those days. The pool remains sparkling clear blue and we do have openings for those who might like to not travel back home.

    I can very much endorse Serendipity in Cleveland, GA or Bell Acres in Mayesville, GA. Both are family friendly, welcoming all.

    2013 Auction Items: 8/25/13
    1.**Travelites? ceramic mug – $10 (Albert)
    2.**Travelites?(bath-sheet)towel w/your name embroidered) $10 (C.B.-TX)
    3.**Travelites? women?s black polo embroidered w/club logo(L)
    4.**Travelites? lightweight ball-cap w/?Travelites? embroidered –
    5.**Datrek/Corona Golf bag with insulated compartment & tees (donated by member)
    6.**Steam buddy clothes steamer (member donated) –
    7.**Sterling silver toe ring (member donated)- $10 (Lynn W)
    8.**Purple print Pareo aka sarong (AANR donated) ? $10 (Cyndy) We had two, one was sold for $100 to an out-of-town member.

    9.**Leather briefcase (member donated) – $10 (Mark-NC)
    10.**Two-person 100% cotton rope hammock (member donated-value $60) $10 (Cyndy)
    11.**AANR ?It?s Hip to Sknnydip? light blue tshirt “L”
    12.**Serendipity donated: logo 2XL royal blue t-shirt
    13.**Serendipity donated: logo L red tank top
    14.**Ace Hardware multi-purpose survival tool(member donated) $10 (Chuck-TN)
    15.**AANR zippered-pocket ball cap
    16.**AANR ?Nude Break? white tank top XL
    17.**Small black backpack (member donated)
    18.**AANR ?American Assn for Nude Recreation est.1931?red tanktop XL
    19.**Turtle Lake Resort donated: white tshirt with large turtle on back XL
    20.**?Absolutely Nude Under my Clothes? white tshirt XL
    21.**Cypress Cove donated(2)?Ask me about Cypress Cove tshirts: L& XL
    22.**Cedar Creek large travel mug w/lid (member donated)$5 (Albert)
    23.**Travelites? yellow bucket hat with pocket
    24.** Sandpipers Holiday Park small tote(member donated)
    25.**Handmade coral throw (member crocheted/donated)
    26.** TNS donated: 2 ?green naturally? tshirts; 1- L; 1-Small= L $10 (Albert)
    27.** TNS donated: size L tshirt: ?Skinny-dippers have less stress?
    28.** TNS donated: size XL long-sleeve cocoa tshirt w/TNS logo. $10 (Albert)
    29.** TNS donated: large, zippered,multi-pocketed tote ?Go barefoot all over? w/World Best Nude Beaches & Resorts guide w/a year?s full membership. $70(Lynn CO.)
    30.**Granite bookends (member donated)
    31.**Kitten windchime (member donated) $6 (Caroline)
    32.**Two 22″ square microfiber tan pillows, new (member donated)
    33.**Lamb dinner at members’ home with hot tub (member donated) $5 (C&A)
    34.** Lake Como donated: size L ? blue tank top ?The Place to Be?Naturally” $5(Karyn-NJ)
    35.**AANR donated: 2 heather gray tshirts:?AANR is More than an Association? sizes M &L //// Med-$5 & Lg$5(Karyn-NJ)

    36.**AANR donated: 2 navy caps reading “AANR.”
    37.**AANR donated: white tshirt w/American Flag reading “God Bless America” with AANR logo on sleeve size S.

    38.**Haulover Beach?s South FL Free Beaches donated: copy of The Worlds Best Beaches & a video of Haulover including 2010 World Record Skinny Dip.$10 (Cyndy)

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    Looks like info for 2013 … what’s up in the ’14? Is Travelites open at other times of the year?

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    Just found the Travelite site at

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      My reply should read that we are somewhere between a nonlanded club and park with all the upgrades. I can’t wait to open the pool (33×18 with stairs not a ladder)

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    Thor, you and all our friends are welcome to visit any time. Just give us a shout.
    BTW, my 2-yr. old cat is typing this with her claws over mine….no joke.
    Hugs, Chei

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    We ARE somewhere between a nonlanded club and a park.
    Updates can be found at our website as well as Facebook page. Full members can visit any day; just give us a call first. Today is 83F and SUNNY. Two new flower beds are installed for the 2014 season. Both decks are swept as is the guest house/clubhouse. We have an outdoor heated shower, a number of chairs (one less since I tripped yesterday) & benches plus a couple of chaise lounges with thick cushions.

    You can always email us at If you’re not a member and want to visit I would have to speak with you first. I make sure this club remains G-rated, family-friendly.

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    Today is 83F and SUNNY.

    When I read that, it was 37 and snowing, and I had to crawl under the car blocking my garage to replace a starter.

    Glad there’s nice weather somewhere…..


    Yes I have the hammer,
    And I hammer in the morning.
    I hammer in the evening.
    All over this site.....

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