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    I would like to find or form a travel (non landed) club for the Colorado Springs area. Any one know of one or like to join one???

    It might be helpful for members to know how to contact travel clubs in your area. Feel free to talk about any non landed clubs in your area.

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    It appears there are a couple of landed groups in your area.
    Have you been to any ?
    I’ve found that if you ask when visiting, is one of the best ways to get a referral. Somebody will know.
    I’ve also found that frequently the non-landed clubs have a “regular” visit to the landed groups, so you can find them that way.

    It’s been our hope, and one of the motivations for this site’s existence, to find exactly that sort of thing here.
    Unfortunately, I am not in or near the Springs, so I can’t help you directly.


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    Colorado has 2 nonlanded clubs: Rocky Mtn Naturists in Aurora and Front Rang Naturists in the Boulder area. They are both AANR affiliated and may also be affiliated with TNS


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