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    Hello everyone
    Who else got error 404 today? I had to log out and back in again to cure it, does anybody else suffer the same

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    Depends on what you’re trying to access.
    If you’re trying to access something above your membership level, you’ll get that.

    For instance, if a moderator posts something in the moderators forum, it will show in the right hand column as a posting, but if your not a moderator you will get the 404.

    That was done so that anonymous browsers, just passing by, checking us out, whatever, can see that there is forum content, but non-members can’t get to the content. It’s an incentive to sign up, or at least intended that way.

    If you’re trying to access a stale link, or we actually have an error ( nah, that doesn’t happen, does it ? ) you’ll get that.

    If your session has timed out, you’ll get that, and you need to log back in.
    If ATT in their infinite wisdom, randomly change our IP on us, which they do a couple of times a day, since we can’t afford a static IP anymore ( Oh boy, did they jack up the pricing on that !! ) that’s an automatic session time out, unfortunately. Not much we can do about that, but we have tried. If your session cookie is still valid, you shouldn’t notice, but….

    There may be a few more reasons that we don’t know about.


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