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    There are often times when I wonder about the sanctity of the sane. Although I have just been remiss. I am purely one half of a whole. My other half crunches the numbers and I proof read. Case in point she caught something as a statistic that my wandering right mind ignored entirely.

    CELEBRITY hype! Now right off the bat let’s get it clear that I am no hypocrite about fame. I don’t want any myself as I am rather fond of waking up each morning with a clean slate. Just give my 15 minutes to yet another drunken red-neck being chased across the parking lot with a half dozen fat ass cops after him yelling whatever the guy with the camera recommended. Albeit in a distinctly more colorful form.

    So then having made that all clear as mud. I bring us to the gossamer, glowing example of these well established prime time “darlings’ pissing themselves over some blurry, hazy yet somehow soft core worthy pic they “stumbled upon” on the internet.

    Yes on Yahoo there is a recent example of a certain blond who likes to Tease as well as talk…. and talk… and well we all get the picture. Kaley; you wore a painted on pleather one piece on Charmed long enough that we all have a fairly good impression of your “Goods” Get over yourself. Move on!

    No I intend to get to the heart of the matter. In the world of nudism there are NO absolutes. BUT. There are standards. Indeed this got me thinking. What are the two things that keep people from accepting the nude human from the obscene flasher. And that is a double standard here in America by the way. BELIEVE you me.

    #1: Trust / familiarity. In the case of celebrity, modesty and shock factor go hand in hand with publication. Old news right? Well; I wonder. Why do we differentiate between choosing to accept a total stranger standing before us naked yet we cringe at the thought of someone we think we know yet have never actually met.

    I have a theory now. We NEED it. As Americans we are always up to something. Trying to get away with the intrigue or making the quick play under the table then escaping into the sunset. OR, maybe we really are wrestling with the very real fact that although some people think they are better than others most people are steadily getting worse. Trying to better yourself without clothes seems to be a bit like trying to find enlightenment in a punk rock bar. If you can’t even hear yourself think, why bothering showing up?

    #2: Traditional comfort levels. Again in the case of celebrity, this is commonly an inherited rule of reality. In our nudist world however; I have spent much of my life trying to tell myself that I know what makes me comfortable and I still have no idea which side of the fence I’m on. If learning is to be a lifelong process then why are we nudists really trying so hard to declare that we have so much figured out? If we had celebrity role models sitting on ‘The View’ or Monday night football’s pre game show going about interviews and warm fluff pieces wearing nothing but a well practiced smile and a range mic, what would we have left to aspire to? YET! A clothed female news reporter in a locker room briskly shoving her way be-twixt towels and steam is doing exactly that. She is invading a clothing optional comfort zone with her carefully protected virtue for the sake of what? Her career? From my position I think that the media will never have our best interests in mind.

    We are a threat to them. We are the ones who want to be different regardless of the profit margin, social un-rest, religious fall-out or potential stroke that may occur from eye strain.

    We are the fringe and we sell tickets to the circus of human nature. Whether we like it or not, we are the successors to eon’s of cataclysmic liberalism. From the walls of Pompeii to the floors of burlesque. We are the valve of conceptual design. So long as naked means sex and we simply don’t co-operate with that sequence of events we will be a marketable curiosity… as such. Which by the way I personally find rather offensive. Some of the best sex I ever had occurred because we went too fast to get all of our clothes off… the first time around … or so.

    So now we finally come to my point behind all of this. ( finally right )

    If being a nobody in a minority community is an exercise in choosing freedom. Then my goal must be to acquire an agent. Somehow less ridiculous than standing in a supermarket with a dozen ethical media headlines staring at me. A man can roll his eyes only so far.

    Jim & Amy

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    If being a nobody in a minority community is an exercise in choosing freedom.

    One of the more profound statements I ever heard, was that true freedom is when you no longer need to be free !
    Pretty heavy, that one !


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    And I hammer in the morning.
    I hammer in the evening.
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