Before we actually sign you up, there are some important things you should know.

Automatic E-mail Validation. You MUST provide and maintain a valid working e-mail address ! You will NOT be able to login until you do, using either your username or that e-mail address.
Failure to provide or maintain a working e-mail address ( I know, and I don’t like it either, but there are reasons ) will have your account locked or banned immediately.

If your e-mail address is or these will not work ! They have an incredibly bad spam filter that rejects any and all messages from us. If you have a or email, do not use it here. Use something else, gmail, hotmail, etc.? Due to a recent change by yahoo, we strongly suggest avoiding yahoo. ( aol, and derivatives as well )

If your e-mail address changes, then CHANGE IT IN YOUR PROFILE ! It’s the only way we have to communicate with you, so if it fails we must assume the account is no longer valid.
At that point, your only alternative is to e-mail admin directly, and explain what happened.
Appeals considered case by case.

Photos, avatar or otherwise. WHEN you upload your avatar photo to be displayed on your profile page, along with any forum posts you might make, etc. ( any photo, which need not be a nude ) if it is best described as porn ( any suggestion of an erection, or gynecological view ) or includes genital jewelry, or other genital “enhancements,” your account will be banned immediately ! We originally thought this was blatantly obvious, but apparently not.

Age Limit. Sorry. We know that there are young nudists under the age of 18, but the law says we can not accommodate young nudists on-line, even though we may have met you at a nudist resort, function, or anywhere for that matter.

Think very carefully about your username.

User names cannot be sexually suggestive or contain vulgarities or inuendos. If it seems to suggest a focus on sex, or body parts generally associated with sex, or sexual orientation, like “BigDick” or “LittleTits” or “BigGayAl” or “PrettyLez” or “GlassDildo” expect your account to be denied or deleted, possibly without warning.
Unfortunately, that does mean that the race driver Dick Trickle can’t use his real name.
( sorry, Dick – RIP )
We would suggest, as at any real nudist resort, your first name only, and if already taken maybe something like your first name and zipcode, such as John45219.

If admin feels that your user name is inappropriate in accordance with the spirit of the site, then you will be asked to change your user name, no matter how innocently it was created. User names are not easily changed, and do require direct action by the site administrator to do so.
For the non-nudist, last names are not used in any resort, so we suggest you do not use it here, to help protect your anonymity.

If it’s sounding like we discriminate, we do !!
We want nudist members and participants, and those sincerely interested in innocent nudism.
We do NOT want merely to build huge membership numbers.
We want real, genuine nudists, in a place where we can be assured that the other members are also real, genuine nudists, or at a minimum on their way to becoming what we are.
We want to know that if an advertiser wishes to promote a nudist event, or a nudist cruise, a time share in a nudist resort, or anything of the sort, that they are advertising to nudists, not John Q. Public at large.

We would rather have 100 real true nudists than 100,000 picture collectors and fakes just to build up numbers.

Completing your Profile: Get started by adding as much to your profile as you?d like to share with other members here. In other words, introduce yourself and tell people about you. The more you share, the more other members can find in common with you to start friendships. What you put out will attract what you get back!

Don’t forget to upload your member avatar photo. Almost any photo of you will be acceptable. We might suggest your facebook photo, assuming you have one.

Fill out your profile completely. People want to know about you and you want to know more about them. The only way to have people get to know you, is to give them information about you. Empty profiles are not permitted! Profiles left blank after what we feel is a reasonable period are subject to deletion.? As in any real-life nudist venue, first names are encouraged, last names never used.

Prohibitions in your profile:

Any Sexual Reference
Sexual preferences/orientation
Advertising for sexual activity
Advertising for any product
Promoting any web page, site, or product.
Any personal contact information external to the site. (i.e. phone numbers, email/messenger address, etc.)
No profanity